Bradford White Water Heater

Get more and faster hot water, and save energy, with a highly efficient water heater from Bradford White.

Whether you need a whole new system, or repairs for your current water heater, Hollister is as close as your phone.

Hot water means a good shower, clean dishes and freshly washed clothes. We offer the most efficient water heater for your home, along with regular maintenance to extend its life.

We offer residential water heaters, as well as industrial water heaters, to meet the needs of all of our clients.

Water heater Repair

We can service or repair your current water heater system as well.

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Sean O.
We've gotten water in our finished basement since about 2008 whenever we've received a heavy rain or rain over the course of several days, enough...
Daniel4 Epley
Jacob butler was amazing he did an awesome job and went above and beyond to help us out. We love the work you did we...
B. Morath
Jake did a great job rebuilding our toilet tank! Not only did he help me understand why the issue happened. We even saved money with...