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Sewer & Drain Cleaning, Macomb IL

When grime accumulates in your pipes, it can lead to clogged and backed up drainage. Plunging helps clear out the blockage for a short time, yet does not actually remove the substance that is causing the issue. Fortunately, Hollister's professional drain cleaning services provide a more effective way to tackle this problem once and for all.

In Macomb Illinois, Hollister is the plumbing service to look for when you need an effective & affordable professional drain cleaning & rooter service. We use a specialized system designed to clear out all of the gunk & grime that builds up in your drains. No more serial clogs or slow drains! And, in case of emergency, we offer emergency drain cleaning services as well so you won’t have to wait on pesky problems with your sewer or drain.

What does Hollister use to clean drains?

When it comes to drain cleaning, a variety of tools may be called for depending on the size and type of the pipe, as well as how serious the blockage is. The following are some of our favored methods:

  • Roto Rooter: The Roto Rooter is a machine used extensively by professional services, often referred to as cable machines. This device works by inserting a rotating cable down the pipe and then twisting it in a corkscrew-like fashion. This helps to detach any debris or tree roots that have taken hold of the internal walls of the drainage system.
  • Hydro-Jetters:  Hydro-Jetters employ a rather specialized technique in order to clean out your drainage pipes. Using high pressured water jets, clogs can be effectively removed without risking damage to the pipes themselves. Essentially, this powerful stream of water is strong enough to shift anything that might have built up over time while also being precise enough not to cause any harm.
  • Sewer Cameras: With sewer cameras  you can keep a virtual eye on your sewer system without having to put in any of your own physical effort. This innovative camera system is perfect for providing an inside look at what's going on beneath ground level through its connected CCTV technology - all without needing to disrupt your living space with any digging or replacing of existing systems.
  • Bio-Smart™:  A great alternative to traditional drain cleaning methods is the use of Bio-Smart™, an environmentally friendly substance that breaks down deposits without causing any harm to the pipes. It can be applied during scheduled maintenance or at any time during a clogging event. This product works quickly and safely in order to keep the pipes clean and debris free.


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