Modernize and Remodel Your Bathroom

Hollister is the perfect contractor to modernize and remodel your out-of-date bathroom.

Hollister offers a revolutionary approach to bathroom remodeling - Straightforward Pricing: Four carefully prepared levels, with different features and options.

These levels are Standard, Deluxe, Premier and Ultimate. Each level has its own base price, which includes labor and materials, as outlined in our guidebook.*

* Note that the base price for each project assumes that no additional plumbing or structural work is required beyond what is specified in the guidelines, and that an on-site inspection is required to check for special circumstances that may require additional work beyond the scope of the base price.

In addition, our premium faucets qualify for our Lifetime Warranty. These can be the last faucets you ever need to purchase. Call us for details.

All Bathroom Remodeling Packages Includes

Use the following as a starting point for your project.

  • Replacing the Toilet

  • Lighting

  • Towel Bars and Hardware

  • Repainting the Room

  • Redoing the Flooring

  • Installing a New Vanity and Sink

  • A Lavatory Faucet

  • A New Bathtub and Surround

  • New Tub/Shower Faucet

It simplifies the process because we’ve already done the homework for you.You only need to choose from our collections of faucets, lighting and various other fixtures. Each of our four levels of bathroom remodeling has optional upgrades that can be customized to bring you the features you desire.

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